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7 Ways in 7 Days: 
The Healthy Happy Lesbian Challenge

We all deserve to be as authentically aligned and balanced as we pretend to be!

Has it been a while since you felt really good? 

Are you feeling out of control, exhausted and stressed out? 
Are you coping with stress, anxiety, and depression?

Are you healing from oppression? (Homo-/Bi-/Trans- phobia?)

Are you struggling to silence the voice of negativity?

Are you dealing with pressure from the LGBT community to define and label yourself? 

Are you experiencing apprehension from navigating the community’s social and dating scene? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions,  
The "7 ways in 7 days: Happy Healthy Lesbian” challenge is for you!

Just when you start to feel on track and in control of your life, something (or someone) comes along and knocks you off balance (work, relationship, financial hardship, family issues, etc.).


   You’re not alone! Let's face it. Creating and sticking with a healthy lifestyle can be hard. Really hard. And happiness can be elusive at times... 
Especially when you don’t know exactly what “healthy” and “happy” means to you... 
Especially when you try and go it alone.

   NOW is the time make a change and start giving yourself the gift of health and happiness that you truly deserve. 

   Raise your awareness on how you treat and talk to yourself. Learn how to give yourself the same respect and compassion you would give to others, and conquer your internal critic.

Embrace who you are and what lights you up.

Empower yourself to live your truth without fear of hesitation.

Emerge from the week confident, care-free, and surrounded by love.

I know what you're going though...
Because of this struggle, I created Spectrum Wellness 360!
    As Veronica Wildchild, I’ve produced some events, hosted even more, and have attended LGBT parties, festivals, seminars, and pop-ups all over the world.  For ten years I was a fun-loving and carefree fixture in the lesbian community. 

   While I’ve definitely enjoyed myself at various functions and events throughout my time on the scene, I’ve sometimes been left feeling disappointed and a little saddened by the apparent one-dimensionality of offerings that the community considers to be entertainment.

   Even more disheartening,  as I was experiencing my own personal awakening, I realized there were barely any resources dedicated to the health and wellness of LGBT female-identifying individuals.

   I began to think of ways to cultivate conscious entertainment and personal and professional betterment in a relatable way for the queer female community. I set out with a goal to provide an all-encompassing, dynamic, and impactful social experience within the community

   I had the opportunity to hear a lot of our community’s pain points, and realized most of them are directly or indirectly related to health and wellness, whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, financial, or even spiritual. It was at this moment that I felt an obligation to take action and provide support. 

Spectrum Wellness 360 wants to see you win!
   Spectrum​ Wellness 360 is a health & wellness platform specializing in the emotional and mental care of queer women in the LGBT community.   

The mission of Spectrum Wellness 360 is to help cis- and trans- women in the LGBT community to master interpersonal and professional success, to find stability and peace of mind, and to navigate through the unique challenges presented not just by society, but by our own community itself. 
  We inspire to positively influence and empower women through thought-provoking panel discussions, interactive and dynamic workshops, individual and group coaching, and exhilarating yet educational entertainmentWe aim to connect our audience with successful entrepreneurs, fitness experts, global travelers, uplifting authors, and wellness leaders who can help to unlock one's full potential and ability to live life with purpose and intent.
To give you a head start on your personal journey to health & wellness, we've compiled for you a complete 7 day challenge that will give you information and teachings to use today!
Receive simple, fun, daily tasks purposely designed to help you achieve your goals and foster a comprehensive breakthrough.
The Best Part? 

What is the 
"7 Ways in 7 Days: The Healthy Happy Lesbian" Challenge?
   I created this challenge to familiarize the female LGBT community with the concept of health & wellness- specially adapted for our needs and issues as women who love women.

   You see, LGBT women in particular are at high risk for many medical illnesses, diseases, and conditions such as obesity, drug/alcohol addiction, anxiety and depression, just to name a few. With the added pressure of coming out, dating and relationship complications, work-related issues, family problems, discrimination/harassment/homophobia, and other traumas, it becomes apparent just how ESSENTIAL it is to develop and practice wellness.
   The "7 Ways in 7 Days: Happy Healthy Lesbian" challenge addresses the root cause of what you're experiencing, and makes it easy to finally feel better.

In this challenge I'm sharing with you my most valuable practical,  powerful transformational tools to guide you towards your full potential and the life you’ve been dreaming of!
   It only takes 7 days to change your outlook on life! 
3 Pillars of the challenge


Information is at the heart of strategic decision making. In this challenge, you will be presented with teachings, tips, and recommendations that you can implement into your routine.


It's good to have knowledge, but it must be analyzed, interpreted, and adapted to be successfully applied to your own life. It's strongly suggested that you contemplate not just the teachings of the challenge, but also the subsequent experience you have while completing it. 


Once you've grasped the teachings of the challenge and had the time and space to meditate on it, you're ready to act upon this newfound understanding. This challenge will show you that through deliberate consciousness and thoughtful reflection before responding to a situation or circumstance, you can greatly improve your behavior, decision-making, attitude, outcome, and state of mind!
What You Get
  •  You receive 7 simple, daily challenges, sent to you by email that are either health and wellness based.  
  •  In the daily email, you receive the education behind why you should complete this challenge (you will learn a lot!).
  •  You get guided motivation from me, along with an entire group of participants, via a private Facebook group and though email.  
  •  You will learn quick & simple self-care & stress-reducing rituals to bring better balance to your life (believe it or not, these contribute to weight-loss too)
  •  Just for participating, you have the chance to win prizes & event passes each week from curated brands I use myself  
Don't you think it's time to align your mind, body, and soul and  embark on your journey in health and wellness? 
Right now you can either continue with the old attitudes and behaviors that triggered repeated setbacks and no sustainable progress... or you can start upgrading your life, and begin your transformation into a happy, healthy lesbian.

"Finally! This is what the community needs!"
Ragel Solomon, Email
What You Experience
  •  Discover what it truly means to love and value yourself and have the courage to be authentically you.
  •  Be supported to transform the way you speak to and treat yourself into a manner that is gentle, nurturing, and loving.
  •  Positive energy flow-giving you the focus and vitality to tackle your life and any situations that may arise
  •  Discover what it truly means to love and value yourself and have the courage to be authentically you.
  •  Positive energy flow- giving you the focus and vitality to tackle your life and any situations that may arise
  •  Enhance your daily routine by practicing self-love, discipline, understanding, on how to enhance your daily routine
  •  Be invited into an exclusive interactive community of like-minded women to share self-love support.
  •  Go into the draw to WIN a “Retreat Yourself” Women’s Weekend retreat pass in Miami 2018 valued at $699!
  •  Receive guidance and support from Spectrum Wellness 360 in an exhilarating monthly newsletter.
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